Get structured feedback to understand how you can improve your performance

Research evidence shows that truly outstanding leaders succeed because they are exceptional at some facet of their performance.  This does not mean that they do not have development needs too, but what truly sets them apart as outstanding is that they play to their strengths whenever they can.  These standout strengths are your leadership spike, can you afford not to know them?

What's your leadership spike?

The Authentic Leadership 360 Survey was developed as a way to provide you with a broad picture of how you are performing as a leader. The survey is based on 8 key leadership factors. These were identified through rigorous statistical analysis of data obtained from nearly 20,000 survey respondents, across a range of global industries.  You, your line manager, peers, direct reports and other key contacts have an opportunity to score and comment in a 360 leadership framework that provides in-depth, high quality data to help you refine and develop your leadership style.

When combined with a leadership psychometric, you have a very rich data set from which to identify areas that will directly affect performance.