Tapping the Source 'Insight to Action' coaching process begins with acquiring data about you using a variety of methods including: high quality leadership psychometrics, 360 feedback and interviewing your key stakeholders.  Combining this data with your aspirations for your personal development, role and future allows us to clinically focus together on the areas that will have the greatest impact.  This analysis provides insights that allow you to transform yourself so you can transform your teams and organisation.  Typical questions leaders who come to Tapping the Source are asking include:

'How do I reduce the little voice in my head that undermines my confidence and is holding me back from really performing?'

'I keep derailing myself when I'm stressed or under pressure, how do I manage myself more effectively so I am more consistent with my colleagues?'

'I struggle communicating with key colleagues in my team, how do I flex my style to accommodate everyone?'

'How do I live my purpose?  What is it that I value, motivates me and I can bring to my business?'

'I am at capacity, the pace is relentless, how do I stop and think differently so I can maintain more balance in my life and work?'

The list is endless.  Developing greater insight about yourself, working out what changes to make, and having the courage to implement them will bring positive change and performance. If you recognise any of these or you want to explore other areas, coaching is a great first step.

The process starts with a conversation to establish what your situation is, what you want to achieve and if we can work together, take the first step and contact me.



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