Understand the science behind great leadership performance

Self-awareness is that critical soft skill that acts like a psychological catalyst for all of the traditional hard skills required to be an effective leader. Your personal values, drivers, strengths and potential derailers determine what kind of culture you create as a leader.  High quality psychometric leadership assessments provide a lense from which to view your personality in a structured, highly reliable and valid way.  They provide a personality map so you can perform at your best self.


The Hogan Leadership Forecast is the gold standard in leadership psychometric assessment.  It will uncover the motives, values and preferences that form the foundation of what drives you, your personality strengths that can help you achieve peak performance and the potential derailers that may compromise you in critical times of stress, pressure or when you are overly relaxed.  Once these are thoroughly understood you will be able to more actively harness your strengths, compensate for development areas and feel equipped to lead your team and organisation with the clarity, confidence and the emotional intelligence that creates the conditions for high performance.

When this psychometric is combined with the leadership 360 survey the results provide a rich data set about you as a leader and how people see you as a leader, leading to very accurate areas for development.


This approach can also be applied to high performance team programmes to provide psychometric data that highlights the breadth and depth of strengths and development areas across a team.  This insight then informs the decisions for talent development and recruitment in the team.

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