Resourceful is my 'pay it forward' page for sharing the great insights I have received over the years.  Have a look at my top recommended reads, it's always good to share the knowledge!

Tapping the Source

This is a very well written book based on the original writing of Charles Haanel about daily routines that will enable you to manifest your dreams and ambitions.  Although Napoleon Hill is often referred to as the godfather of self development, many believe Haanel preceded him.  This book provides the steps to revealing your inner power in order to manifest your dreams and aspirations.

Think and Grow Rich

One of the most popular of the success books, written in 1937 and includes stories about many of the great industrialists such as Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford.  The ideas and lessons in this book provide a rich insight into the timeless thinking and habits required to achieve both personal and professional success.

The Miracle Morning

A contemporary self-development book that could easily be mistaken for another airport read, which would be a mistake.  The morning routines suggested by Hal Elrod are simple, profound and will, without doubt, positively impact your wellbeing and personal performance.

The Chimp Paradox

This book by Prof. Steve Peters is one of the best insights into how our minds work to help or hinder us.  It is a very easy read and you’ll become immediately aware of the impact your mind has on your personal performance.

Regenerative Leadership

Giles Hutchins and Laura Storm have written an excellent book for our time.  It details the path we as humans have taken to arrive at this point and how we need to evolve to create a brighter future.  Using nature as the source of inspiration they provide a comprehensive framework for business and life that we all need to read.

The Wisdom of Teams

This book is over 10 years old now but for me is still one of the most effective books about creating high performing teams.  A very insightful overview of the components that make up a high performing team and what it takes to turn the concept into reality.