The winning formula for optimum team performance

Achieving a high performing team is the holy grail for most leaders and managers.  It takes science, structured feedback and a lot of hard work over time to create a team that can perform at its best and flex to accommodate the inevitable changes it will face over time.  A high performing team has some core components that are universal and timeless which combined with leadership, communication and commitment can produce results that many working groups can only wish for.

team work and action

'A team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable' (Katzenbach. J & Douglas. S, 'The Wisdom of Teams')

Tapping the Source uses the Systemic Team Coaching method developed by Peter Hawkins to help teams achieve their performance potential.  This framework allows for a tailored approach for coaching teams which includes some fundamental elements:

Identifying the key stakeholders, both internally and externally, that are important influences of the team is the first step.  Acquiring structured feedback from the chosen stakeholders provides the data required to assess the opportunities for performance improvement.  Jointly analysing the data as a team and agreeing an appropriate development plan is the next step, facilitated by the Systemic Team Coach.

Once agreed the content of the coaching program is likely to include clarifying the purpose, vision, objectives, roles and responsibilities of the team ensuring everyone has the same perspective.  The core phase is the coaching of the internal dynamics of the team through 121 and group coaching and encouraging action to be taken over time for the development changes to take place.  After an agree period of time the team re-connects with the chosen stakeholders and assesses, through structured feedback, how well the shifts in team behaviour have impacted performance.

As with all development, this process nevers stops and so ensuring the team has the toolkit to continue its development into the future is a crucial step.  An evaluation of the success of the program is the final step in the Systemic Team Coaching approach.

Are you ready to implement a high performing team that will last for the long term?

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