Transformational development happens when you're outside of your comfort zone.  Research into neuroplasticity shows how our brains are like a muscle, the areas we purposefully exercise determine how we think, feel, behave and ultimately perform.

Developmental coaching creates the time and space to develop self awareness, challenge existing personal assumptions and turn this new thinking into objectives required to achieve the changes you want to make.  Performance coaching  provides a process to take your objectives and ensure your effort and actions create the outcomes you are aiming for to experience real, sustainable change that leads to peak performance.

Tapping the Source developmental and performance coaching is for people wanting to uncover and make meaningful changes to the areas that will enable them to transform their performance.  Leaders who come to coaching often start in one of the following positions:

  1. You have no obvious problem but want to explore your full potential.
  2. Your are dissatisfied with your current performance, are unsure why and want to explore changes to get you to your peak.
  3. Your goal is explicit and you need help to identify and embed behavioural changes required to achieve it.
  4. You have a defined goal but the route to that goal is unclear and you want to create a plan that will ensure you get there.

If you recognise any of these or you want to explore other areas of your situation, coaching is a great first step.  Tapping the Source coaching will enable you to develop a personal tool kit that you can use to sustain peak performance over time and in different circumstances.

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