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Executive Coaching:  Managing Director

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‘Working with Darren from Tapping the Source has been transformational in a number of ways. By creating a space for me to think away from my business Darren has helped me raise my self-awareness and regain focus by identifying certain unhelpful behaviours that were preventing me from making the progress I want. Working on my performance as MD has enabled me to identify ways to address important, practical business issues over time and measure the success of the outcomes.’ Charles Suter, MD

Executive Coaching: Programme Management

Timico Partners - Senior Programme Manager

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‘The process that Darren uses is very insightful and provides a real foundation for personal self-awareness, development and progress. The use of a personality psychometric provided me with detailed insight into my helpful and not so helpful traits. The way Darren combined this insight into a performance coaching programme has been fundamental to my career progress and personal development.’  Lee Cooper, Senior Programme Manager