Leadership Development

Individual transformational development happens when we're outside of our comfort zone.  Research into neuroplasticity shows how our brains are like a muscle, the areas we purposefully exercise determine how we think, feel, behave and ultimately perform. Leadership Developmental coaching creates the time to develop your self awareness, challenge your existing personal assumptions and experience transformational, sustainable change that, in the context of your organisational strategy, leads to peak performance.

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Systemic Team Development

Achieving a high performing team is the holy grail for most leaders and managers.  It takes science, feedback from internal and external stakeholders and a lot of hard work over time to create a team that can perform at its best and flex to accommodate the inevitable changes it will face over time.  A high performing team has some core components that are universal and timeless which combined with leadership, communication and commitment can produce results that many working groups can only wish for.

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Sales Performance Coaching

Regardless of the level of sales skills your sales people have, to be consistently successful, they need to be able to stay positive, motivated and confident to cope with all the rejection and challenges that come their way. The Tapping the Source Sales Motivations programs use the same proven approach as sports psychologists, applying evidence based psychological tools in a practical six step process, customised to your team’s specific challenges, typically delivered as a blended learning program with workshops and e-learning.

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Psychometrics for Leaders & Teams

Self-awareness is that critical soft skill that acts like a psychological catalyst for all of the traditional hard skills required to be an effective leader. Your personal values, drivers, strengths and potential derailers determine what kind of culture you create as a leader.  A high quality psychometric leadership assessment will provide a lense from which to view your personality in a structured, highly reliable and valid way.  It will provide you with a personality map so you can tune your performance.

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360° Analysis for Leaders & Teams

Research evidence shows that truly outstanding leaders and teams succeed because they are exceptional at some facet of their performance.  This does not mean that they do not have development needs too, but what truly sets them apart as outstanding is that they play to their strengths whenever they can.  These standout strengths are your leadership spike, your line management, direct reports and peers will often already recognise them, can you afford not to know them?

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Mindfulness - make the most of your mind

In our highly complex, fast-paced and uncertain world it is often unseen pressure and stress that can compromise your ability to achieve peak performance.  Mindfulness comes from the consistent practice of techniques that enable you to tap into your mind and body to experience the confidence, focus and emotional balance required to perform as your best self regardless of the environment.  Developing the ability to tap into your own resourcefulness is a skill practised by many successful leaders.

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Coaching for peak performance

Through working with Tapping the Source you will develop a deeper understanding of yourself, work systematically to optimise your thinking, create higher quality personal objectives, develop new patterns of behaviour that improve relationships with others and embed the behaviours required to achieve peak performance.

Our approach is flexible so we are able to work with the aspirations, challenges and complexity you bring to coaching.  Our coaching practice is built on the solid executive coaching foundation from the Oxford Brookes University, School of Coaching.  Our key influences come from the developmental and performance approaches required for higher quality executive coaching.  We often use leadership psychometrics and 360 degree analysis to provide you with key data about your personality and the impact you have on people you work with.  This ensures the areas you work on create the changes you want to make.

Peak Performance

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